Flash Cookies

The Disk Cleaner will automatically find and delete Flash Cookies from your computer. These cookies are typically used for tracking or marketing purposes by the various websites you visit. Sometimes, however, these cookies are used to save usefull information or come from trusted websites – you may want to ignore these Flash Cookies to prevent them from begin deleted.

Which Cookies to Ignore?

You may want to "ignore" Flash Cookies from trusted or useful sites. This will keep the cookie from being deleting and may improve your web browsing experience. Cookies you may want to ignore include: cookies from banks or financial institutions (if you use online banking on your PC, for example), cookies from trusted websites you frequently visit (these cookies may save login information), and cookies from online games you freqently play (these cookies may save high scores or character information).

Ignoring a Flash Cookie

To ignore a particular Flash Cookie, just select it from the list and click "Ignore." It will now appear in the Ignored Cookie tab and will not be deleted.

Unignoring a Flash Cookie

To unignore a cookie, go to the Ignored Cookie tab, select the cookie, and click ""Unignore." The cookie will no longer be ignored and can be deleted during your next disk cleanup.

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