Browser Add-ons

The Browser Add-ons tool allows you to review and change which toolbars, extensions, and browser helper objects are loaded into your Internet Explorer. These add-ons can appear as toolbars, helpers, or additional functionality inside Internet Explorer. If you have too many add-ons or add-ons you don't want or use, they can slow down your browser and potentially cause other problems.

Browser Add-ons

Using the Browser Add-on Tool

Review your browser add-ons, find any items you don't want or use and try disabling it. If this helps your browser run better, just leave it disbaled. If you are missing a favorite toolbar or feature, just go back and enable the item.

To disable a Browser Add-on, select the add-on from the list and choose "Disable" from the menu. When you restart your browser, this add-on will not load.

To enable a Browser Add-on, select a disabled add-on from the list and click "Enable" from the menu. When you restart your browser, this add-on will load.

To have Clean PC Max automatically manage your add-ons, just select that option in the Settings area.

I try to disable an add-on but it keeps coming back...

If you try to disable or delete a Browser Add-on but it keeps coming back, it means that another program is checking to see if the Browser Add-on is enabled and adding it back if it can't find it. You may want to use Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panels to try to remove this parent program if you don't want the particular software.

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