Scan & Repair

Scan & Repair is the starting point for using Clean PC Max. This one area provides easy access to all the other tools and easy one-click scans and repairs. If you want to use Clean PC Max in a more hands-on, manual way, skip this area and go to each individual tool directly. Otherwise, most users prefer using Scan & Repair All.

Scan & Repair


Just click "Scan My PC" to get started with a new scan. Clean PC Max will scan your hard drive to see what can be cleaned. Once the scan is finished, you can explore each area to see the detailed scan results.


Once you've reviewed your scan results (and unchecked any items you don't want to repair) you're ready to repair. Just click "Repair Issues" and Clean PC Max will take care of the rest.

Clean these four areas:

1) Disk Cleaner: Gives you easy access to clean temp files and junk off your hard drives.

2) PC Optimizer: Optimizes hidden settings and configurations to help boost performance.

3) Startup Items: Lets you disable unwanted items that start up when your computer turns on.

4) Browser Add-ons: Lets you disable unwanted add-ons that can clog your web browser.

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