Clean PC Max let's you tweek and change the settings for most features in the program. Some settings can be changed in both the individual tool or dialogue box and also in the Settings area.



Want to clean your PC every day? Just use our scheduler to set an automatic cleaning schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly clean-ups. Choose "Run Manually" to only run the program when you wish to.

On Scheduled Day

If you are using the scheduler, you can either have Clean PC Max open on the desired day or open and make repairs automatically. This second options lets you completely automate your computer's maintenace.

Startup Items & Browser Add-ons

Clean PC Max will scan your startup items and browser add-ons for recommendations. You can either have Clean PC Max manage these areas automatically using our recommendations or you can manage them manually, or skip this area entirely.

Warnings & Options

You can disable or enable some of the warning messages seen in the program here. Send Anonymous System Info lets you share information about your PC to help us provide recommendations and improve Clean PC Max (learn more).

Startup Settings

Launch Clean PC Max at Startup: Disable if you don't want Clean PC Max to startup automatically.

Enable Startup Item Launcher: Opena the startup item launcher if you are delaying startup items.

Other Options

Clear Registration Data: Clears your registration data if you are trying to re-register.

Uninstall: Allows you to easily uninstall Clean PC Max.

Restore Defaults: Restores the default settings for Clean PC Max.

Program Info