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Using Clean PC Max

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General Questions

Q. What does Clean PC Max clean?

Clean PC Max optimizes settings and cleans parts of your hard drive that can help improve performance. It cleans the Windows temp files, current user temp files, the recycle bin, recent documents, internet cache, internet cookies, Office temp files, Flash cookies, Java cache, SilverLight temp files, broken shortcuts, and other unneeded files. Clean PC Max can also optimize Windows settings, check for Windows updates, and allow you to manage your startup items and browser add-ons. By cleaning and adjusting these different areas, we can help you improve your overall system performance.

Q. Will Clean PC Max make my computer faster?

Every PC is unique with it's own problems. Clean PC Max will help you clean out unneeded files, optimize settings, and manage startup items and add-ons. Keeping your PC clean and maintained is key to optimal performance. Try Clean PC Max today and see what it can do for your computer!

Q. How do I get my free trial?

To get your free trial, just download Clean PC Max, install the software, and it will start to run automatically. After scanning your system, Clean PC Max will clean Windows temp files and run PC Optimizer for free. For optimum performance, upgrade to the full version for a full system cleanup.

Using Clean PC Max

Q. How do I use Clean PC Max?

1. Scan Your PC: To use Clean PC Max, just download our free trial, install the software, and scan your PC. Clean PC Max will check your disk for files that can be deleted, review your settings, and analyze your startup items and browser add-ons.

2. Repair Issues: Once the scan is finished, click "Repair Issues" to clean your disk and optimize your settings.

3. Additional Cleanup: Clean PC Max can automatically manage your startup items and browser add-ons (it will disable or delay items based on our suggestions). You can also manage your startup items and browser add-ons manually. You may also want to click on "System Info" and "Check for Updates" to update your copy of Windows.

Q. How do I uninstall Clean PC Max?

All Systems:

Open Clean PC Max, click on Settings, and then click the "Uninstall Clean PC Max" link.

On Windows 7 or Vista:

Click Start » Control Panel » Programs » Uninstall a program » Clean PC Max

On Windows XP:

Click Start » Control Panel » Add/Remove Programs » Clean PC Max

Technical Questions

Q. Clean PC Max system requirements?

Clean PC Max works on most Windows computers, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Q. Problems? Please install the latest version.

If Clean PC Max does not run on your system or you encounter problems, please install the latest version of our software. Just download, install, and click "Repair" during installation. If you are already running the latest version and still have a problem, please contact Customer Support.

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